Let It Go!!!

First off, happy anniversary to my blog! It’s been a year since i created this blog.

Second, I’ve been feeling really down lately. Do you ever just feel down because of a stupid little thing and then everything goes wrong because you can’t keep your mind off that thing? well, then you get me. You understand how frustrating it is when you tell your mind that life goes on but your mind wouldn’t believe that.

But here’s what! Sometimes things do go wrong and if every time something goes wrong, we’d drop everything and mourn that thing then that won’t be life. That is not what life is meant for! Life is all about the ups and downs and i know that you’ve heard that jazz so many times that it no longer has a impact on you but it’s real #WelcomeToLife!

Just let go of anything that brings you down!

(bonus story: once i felt really down and i was about to cry (And you know me, i never cry #haha :P) and then i talked to someone and she was like let it go and then she started singing “let it go” (the song from Frozen) and henceforth i sing that song every time i get upset 🙂 just wanted to share that)