Be happy with what you’ve got

“for i have learned to be content with whatever the circumstances.” -Philippians 4:11

So, i was reading the bible, which I’ve not been doing a lot lately *sad face*, then i came across a highlighted verse (read the verse i quoted above). Though they’re only 11 words, they encompass so much! See, some people have it all, while others don’t, but this has nothing to do with happiness; being happy is when you’re content with everything that you have and go through. Believe that whatever happens is for¬†your own sake.

I, myself, am a perfectionist. It’s really difficult for perfectionists to be content: ’cause everything “could have been better” and there’s always something better. If this sounds familiar, then you’re a perfectionist too and you know how this can impact your life negatively and positively (we’ll get to the positive aspects later in another post, I hope) but lately I’ve been trying to see the good in everything and be thankful for everything and it has changed me, changed my stubborn mind. It takes a little time (not really, sometimes it takes a lot) but you’ll get the hang of it eventually, i’m sure of it! ūüėČ

think positive! xxx


A Lesson In Happiness

When it comes to happiness, I’m not the happiest person in the world. I do have those days when I just want to lay in my bed, listen to sad music and eat lots of chocolate. I’m just a human after all. BUT you can say that I’ve adapted to the different circumstances, that I, no matter what, always try to be happy.¬†Happiness has no limit and ¬†you can be happy for no reason. All it takes is the will to be happy. Neither money nor love nor anything else can make you happy, if you’re not willing to.

There are many ways to be happy. I, myself, try always to invent new ways to be happy. Which can be really crazy, because most of the time you have to be happy about literally nothing. What I’ve been doing lately is tricking my mind into thinking that everyday is a good day. I instantly then feel happy all day long. I know, it might sound crazy¬†that you can change the course of the day ¬†by simply¬†saying “today is gonna be a good day”.¬†But it works, like magic. I’ve been doing this for many weeks with pause in between. I’ve noticed that when I wake up to¬†the thought that the day will be all fine,¬†i somehow¬†end up being happy all¬†day long. I’m not sure if it’s just the idea that makes me feel like that. That makes everything seems ¬†fine. Even when something happens that upsets me, it doesn’t goes straight to my head. At the end of the day I just forget all about it.

So just waking up and saying those words will probably make you happier. You can of course say it in the way you want. The way that you feel will make you happy. I¬†personally like to say it with some words of gratitude or with a prayer. what important is that you do believe in the power of these words. Don’t be like: “today is going probably to be a good day blah, whatever.” Say it with all the enthusiasm that you have. Just be truly happy when you say it. It worked with me and with many other people, so it’ll probably work with everybody else.

Become happier by simply making happiness a habit.