Be happy with what you’ve got

“for i have learned to be content with whatever the circumstances.” -Philippians 4:11

So, i was reading the bible, which I’ve not been doing a lot lately *sad face*, then i came across a highlighted verse (read the verse i quoted above). Though they’re only 11 words, they encompass so much! See, some people have it all, while others don’t, but this has nothing to do with happiness; being happy is when you’re content with everything that you have and go through. Believe that whatever happens is for¬†your own sake.

I, myself, am a perfectionist. It’s really difficult for perfectionists to be content: ’cause everything “could have been better” and there’s always something better. If this sounds familiar, then you’re a perfectionist too and you know how this can impact your life negatively and positively (we’ll get to the positive aspects later in another post, I hope) but lately I’ve been trying to see the good in everything and be thankful for everything and it has changed me, changed my stubborn mind. It takes a little time (not really, sometimes it takes a lot) but you’ll get the hang of it eventually, i’m sure of it! ūüėČ

think positive! xxx


Why should you be thankful for your health?

I bet that all and each one of us, Homo sapiens, went through those times when we are¬†like “what’s life worth living for” or “life isn’t fair” and the list goes on. However some people tend to be more “ungrateful” than they’re supposed to be. Because even though life can sometimes be unfair, but there are still a lot of things to be thankful about.
This week was probably not one of the greatest weeks in my life. For the last couple of days I’ve been lying in bed all day. I have fever¬†and my bed feels like sauna. I¬†can’t move my body because it hurts a lot.¬†And everything is a one thing and¬†the headache that I’ve been constantly getting is another thing. In the middle of those pains,¬†you might think that being thankful is the last think that i’d be. But on the contrary I’m really thankful now. Yes you read it right. lying in bed for days made me think of¬†how lucky I am to be healthy. Well, I¬†may not be the healthiest and strongest person now, but I¬†know things will get better eventually.
If you’re reading this now then you might be healthy as well and that’s one of the reasons why you should be happy. Even if you are fighting against any kind of diseases,illnesses or infections,¬†then think of those little antibodies inside of you and how they do everything to keep you breathing so you can live and stay with your loved ones.
It’s true that you only know the value of something right when you lose it. Not being ¬†able to do normal things that i do on a daily basis, showed me how being healthy is important.