Be happy with what you’ve got

“for i have learned to be content with whatever the circumstances.” -Philippians 4:11

So, i was reading the bible, which I’ve not been doing a lot lately *sad face*, then i came across a highlighted verse (read the verse i quoted above). Though they’re only 11 words, they encompass so much! See, some people have it all, while others don’t, but this has nothing to do with happiness; being happy is when you’re content with everything that you have and go through. Believe that whatever happens is for your own sake.

I, myself, am a perfectionist. It’s really difficult for perfectionists to be content: ’cause everything “could have been better” and there’s always something better. If this sounds familiar, then you’re a perfectionist too and you know how this can impact your life negatively and positively (we’ll get to the positive aspects later in another post, I hope) but lately I’ve been trying to see the good in everything and be thankful for everything and it has changed me, changed my stubborn mind. It takes a little time (not really, sometimes it takes a lot) but you’ll get the hang of it eventually, i’m sure of it! 😉

think positive! xxx