Everything’s Getting On My Nerves!!!!!

I love people. I love being around people. I don’t mind being alone, but I really enjoy good conversations. I’m interested in every single human being (interested as in “wanting to know their stories and thoughts and why do they think what they think”). It’s just that lately everything’s been getting on my nerves. It’s like everything people say or do irritates the crap out of me. Do you ever have those days when you’d just make a list of people who annoy you and you just try to arrange them from the most annoying to the less annoying and then you realize that everyone around is just so annoying that you can’t choose so you just write above “IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER”??. Have you ever done this? No, me neither. It’s just my head that’s been keeping on being too sensitive to that kind of shit. I don’t if it’s just a phase or the fact that I’m growing older. I guess it’s important to say that I’m in a new class now and I literally don’t know like 75% of them. Normally I’d be really excited and “can’t wait” to get to know them but all I want to do right now is to hold up my middle finger. Or like holding a huge middle finger sign so everybody can see it.

but, I’m still me. I’ve made new friends and they’re amazing. we’ve got actually really close in the last couple of weeks. Not like very very close that you’d ask yourself if it’s normal to be telling those people who were couple weeks ago strangers to you, everything about you, but it’s just that kind of friendship when you say something and they’re like: “oh, me too”. So that’s a good thing, I guess.

Do you ever just hate everything about the people around you and just everything gets on your nerves? Will it ever go away or is it just the beginning?