The Boyfriend Dilemma!

Whenever I run into an old friend whom I haven’t spoken to for a while, they always ask me the same old question: “Hey, Diana! do you have a boyfriend?” not just old friends though. Sometimes, I’d be talking to someone and then he/ she, just out of the blue, brings up the whole boyfriend thing. I’d usually play it cool (OK, I don’t. I can’t play it cool, because I’m a mess and I’d talk about boyfriends the one second and bring up the dinosaurs the other one. I just try. Try to play it cool) I’d normally say that everyone is taken and all that jazz. But I never really say that I don’t want to. Of course, it’s not like people are queuing for days to get the chance to ask me out. I mean, I’d be happy if someone would notice me or would still like me even after knowing that I can be a bit (?!!!!) weird. But can’t a girl in her late teenage years choose to be alone? See, I’ve been trying to discover who I am and who I want to be for years now. I’ve figured out that I’d rather be alone than to settle down for the wrong person. i know what you’re thinking: “who’s the right person then?” I guess, it’ll feel right then. And there might just as well be no right person for me! but who cares? if it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be.

I’m really happen, though, to make such a choice. Remember years ago when you’d do anything to get a boyfriend because all of your friends had one? Remember when you just wanted to get your first kiss over with someone so you can finally say that you’ve had your first kiss? Well, i guess everyone had been there. That’s why I’m happy to take the time for myself, to be myself and to not pressure myself to do certain things.



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