The Element of Spontaneity!

The cool thing about keeping a journal, is that you’re able to look at the things that saddened you through the years and of course the things that made you happy. The things that amazed and surprised you. Every now and then, I pick up an old journal of mine when I was 15, 16 or even last year’s journal. One of the things that I’ve written about frequently is “expectations”. Anticipating things. Funny how everything we think about, all the conversations that we make in our head, and the perfect moments, never actually happen in real life. And when you’re totally not thinking about any of that and just being a floating sponge, as I call it, things happen. When I say things, I guess you understand what I mean, because we’ve all been through it, even if the things that I’m talking about aren’t the same as yours.

That’s why I’ve been slowly but surely kind of adapting the “element of spontaneity” in my life. With the element of spontaneity I mean, when you just leave things as they are and if they’re meant to happen than they will happen and if they’re not then you won’t end up being disappointed because you didn’t expect anything in the first place 🙂

just let coincidence play its part.


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