To start off, i’d like to talk about this post’s image, just in case you like it. Years ago, i used to endlessly play dress up games. dolldivine was one of my favorite sites. There’s this cool warrior maker game, so when i thought about writing this post, i decided to make a warrior that looks (just a little bit) like me. So this is basically me, as a cartoon 🙂 i wish if i had that body though :/

As a kid, i used to think that a warrior is someone who always has a spear in her hands and wearing only small pieces of leather. Someone who lives in the wild. And to be honest i wanted to be a warrior, but i didn’t know how! Given the fact, that i live in a city and I’ve never killed an animal. Little did i know, because everybody can simply be a warrior. A warrior is basically  a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics or athletics (according to

Someone who shows a great vigor or courage! Isn’t that what everyone is doing to survive. I don’t know about you but what i everyday go through is like going through hell. Don’t understand me wrong, my life isn’t that bad or “full of hardships”. See, the hell that i have to go through everyday isn’t everyday as hot, it varies from day to another.  But in general, almost eveyday i have to remind myself that quitting isn’t an option and i can’t spend my life in bed crying. My life, as an outsider, a foreigner, isn’t that easy. integrating in a whole new society isn’t that easy. Especially for me, being the sensitive person i am, makes it only harder for me. If you’ve ever had to live somewhere else than your own country where you’d lived just all your life, then you’ll know what i mean. It’s not like i wish if i could just delete this chapter from my life and start all over again with a new life. A new me. On the contrary, i love that feeling when you lie in bed and be like “i survived today, i can go through tomorrow”. I love being a warrior.

I know that everybody has got different things to go through but i guess everybody has got something that makes life just a little bit difficult, but those things are the things that makes us stronger. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?


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