What if?!

“what if’s”, have you ever asked yourself questions like “what if I was someone else?”. Because I do.

What if my hair was straight? Would I then spend so much time trying to curl it? What if I was taller? would I then still be able to wear heels that much? What if my face was thinner and my skin tanner and my legs taller? would i be prettier then? I Even ask myself what if I wasn’t me? what if I was someone else! would I still be the same me or would I be completely different?

But then again, I remember that I am as I am. I’m short,with dark brown curly hair and I’ll never be other than me with all the things I like and don’t really like about myself.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson



5 thoughts on “What if?!

  1. Oh yes. I did a post some time ago called, “You’re butt is too small… What?” hahaha. It all has to do with the way different cultures view beauty and physical perfection. I loved what one commenter said, “my thoughts on the perfect body … when everyone has it, it ceases to be beautiful.”
    Love it.
    Anyhow, struggling to be something I’m not has been lifelong for me. The media doesn’t help much either.

    • Heey, i couldn’t help but read your “your butt is too small… what?” post. I also struggled with body image for a long time (and still do sometimes) and the media, as you said, isn’t helping at all. But, i guess, you can never please everybody, so why not please yourself and be happy with yourself because after all that’s what really matters.
      Btw i’m considering watching “My Life in Ruins” soon. It seems to be a very fun movie 🙂

      • I would say that the media is probably the main culprit for girls and women to be suffering as they are today with body image. It comes at us everywhere we go. 😦
        I would love to be satisfied with my body. Sometimes I think I have a nice body, and other days I don’t. Hmmmmm.
        My Life in Ruins is an awesome movie. I watched it at a time that I was really considering certain things about cultural differences and other stuff and all. It’s a fun movie, really light. But for me, it went even deeper on a philosophical and sociological level (although you wouldn’t think that watching it.)
        Let me know what you think of it when you watch it ok.

      • Well, i think the same thing about my body. Sometimes i look in the mirror and i’ll be like “why do i ever want to lose any weight, i look just fine” and sometimes i just want to starve myself, even though i never do it, till i get to “my perfect body”.
        i’ll try to watch it as soon as possible and when i do i’ll tell you about what i think about it 🙂

      • You sound just like me. I also never starve myself, but have the same experience with the mirror.
        Yes, please do let me know when you do. I loved it.

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