The People of Mesopotamia Nowadays

while the whole world is going crazy about the Gaza crisis and people are already picking sides, Iraq is bleeding silently like it has always been. I’m talking about the place where the first civilizations started and developed. I’m talking about the people who invented the wheel and the first writing systems. those people lived in this land for thousands of years. and now people seem to turn a blind eye to the things that happen now in this country

Talking about Iraq, where i come from and call home, is quite hard because as far as i can remember Iraq has been on this way for like forever. I can’t really recall a memory when it all started. But today while i’m typing this, all the “remaining” christian families from Nineveh are somewhere in the north of Iraq. The majority of them might be homeless now, considering they were forced to leave their houses, possessions and everything they own behind with only the clothes on their backs. Their houses are now marked with an (ن) that is an Arabic letter and this is for Nasrani and that means a Christian. They do this so whenever someone sees this sign he knows that this house belongs to a christian and thus he’s now able to break into this house and take from it whatever he want. It also means that the real owner of this house has no longer any rights. And why? because they’re Christians. Did they have any other options? well, they had to either give taxes (for being Christians and still living in Nineveh) or changing their religion and the Christians obviously rejected  both of them. And even though they’re now out of Mosul (the capital of the Nineveh province), they still don’t know if they’re safe now.

Living in fear. That’s how we, Iraqis, have always lived our lives.

I don’t know about what you think of Christians or how the Christians are where you live in, but i can assure you that the Christians in Iraq are the humblest people that you will ever meet. They would literally never hurt an ant, on the contrary they’re so helpful and peaceful.

Here is a link of an article  from The New York Times that explains it all:

All i ask for is, keep Mosul  in your prayers, if you have one of course and if not then just take a minute to think about all those people and their unknown future.



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