Head vs Gut

Have you ever felt this feeling when your heads tells you something and your gut tells you something else. Well, I do. A LOT.

Growing up, I used to trust everyone. I thought everyone was an angel. This has only brought me heartaches. Because, obviously, not everyone is trustworthy. At some point in my life I had enough and I was like “I’ll never trust anybody again”.  I have had a really hard time knowing when to trust people. However, I developed somehow an inner guidance that tells me when to trust people. That guidance is my gut, which is so weird because we always hear people talking about how you should follow your heart or something like that. But my heart isn’t the one who goes crazy and jumps in its place (that sounds weird, I know) when something bad is about to happen. It’s my gut that cautions me.

To be honest, I don’t fully believe in that whole intuition thing. My gut is obviously not a fortune-teller or mind reader or something. But it’s happened to me many times that I’ve come to believe that my feelings are  almost always right. Because I’m a very naive person and i (used to) trust people easily and that’s not always a good thing. So I’ve got to thank my gut for saving me the heartaches and that horrible feeling when you know that you’ve been a fool the whole time.

The reason why I’m sharing this, is because a “friend” has lately texted me. I was really surprised, because we haven’t talked for ages. At first my head was like: “Oh how sweet that he remembered you and wanted to say hi”. But then, you guessed it, my gut did its job. My head was again like: “Oh Diana, it’s not always like that”, but something in the way he talked didn’t make me feel comfortable. I don’t really want to be paranoid. I know that my feelings aren’t always right, and I hate it when i can’t trust anybody easily. But I’ve been in many situations when I hated myself for trusting a lot.

Have you ever felt this feeling or wondered if you should follow your head or gut. What do you usually do? Am I getting too paranoid about it, or I’m just trying to protect myself?



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