How My Red Lipstick Changed My Life

A year ago i’d never dare to wear lipstick even to formal occasions. Today i feel most confident when i wear my red lipstick. Even though red isn’t my favorite color, but it seems like it has amazing powers. If you think about it, it’s not the color that makes me feel confident. It’s the fact that i dared to wear something so sassy. By wearing red lipstick i got out of my comfort zone. I still remember the first time i wore red lipstick i was so insecure and i kept checking if my lipstick feathered up. After a couple of times i got used to it and gradually i started wearing it (almost) on a daily basis.

The moral of my story is that the little things that we’re afraid to do, always hold us back from doing the things that we like and want to do. Fear is a healthy emotion that warns us from danger, but we always tend to fear (new) things because we don’t want to get out of our comfort zone or may end up in an embarrassing situation. By challenging yourself every other day to do things that you fear, will eventually reduce fear and make you happier and more confident. Plus it will help you to face your bigger fears, because you know you won over your fear once before and you’re still alive.

So go ahead talk to that boy or girl you like, or wear that short shorts that you were always afraid to wear. Always remember: “what’s the worst that can happen?”


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