you’re always wrong, i’m always right

Funny how sometimes the people who judge others for doing something, are the ones who exactly do the same thing. It seems like some people, the judgmental ones, can’t go a day without judging others. What’s funnier is when people judge people for judging people. Like really, you’re doing the exact same thing. You’re probably now saying that I’m one of those “people” because I’m writing this article, and yes I am. We all are. We all pass judgement on others. Though some of us might just be doing it a little bit more. I mean, we all know someone who thinks that he/she are always right no matter what they do. When others do exactly the same thing , they’re just badlittledemonsonearth. It really gets on my nerves. Since I’m an over thinker (yes, you guessed it), i thought about this. A LOT. I finally came to the conclusion that there are two types of “judgmental people”:

Judging-others (1)

a. People who tend to justify themselves because they know what they did was well-intentioned. It happens to all of us that we do something with a good intention but it turns out eventually to make the situation, whatever it is, worse. when it comes to others, however, we’re not always able to see things from their perspective. So we judge, without understanding. And that’s the end of it. we don’t try to find out more. we don’t listen. The other day i was expecting an email of someone and when it took them forever to answer i just thought of how they’re so not trustworthy and unreliable. One thing i didn’t know is that they’d never forgot about it, they just were too busy. Words can never describe how horrible i felt when i knew that. I was talking the whole time about them without understanding their circumstances. To avoid this, I think that we should always try to listen more, think more and talk less. However more listening and thinking and less talking is really difficult, especially at the beginning. But ultimately  it’ll get easier and easier and will eventually become a habit.

b. People who think that they’re angels on earth. That they own the greatest things ever, and their daughters and sons are just the smartest, the best and the most beautiful. And the others are just the opposite. They always look down on others, as if they were much better. I don’t really understand why people do that. It might be arrogance, lack of confidence or they just don’t understand that some people are different and there’s nothing wrong about that. They apparently don’t think about their actions, because if they do they’d see that they’re just like anybody else. They mess up sometimes, make bad (clothing) decisions and make mistakes.

Either way, I still don’t understand why we sometimes feel the need to judge. But who we are to judge? Even if we don’t like something about someone, who gave us the right to be so judgmental?

From the other hand, I  noticed that if we don’t blame or judge other people then we will automatically judge ourselves. Always remember that you don’t necessarily have to judge someone. Accept that everybody is different.

5fbd19fea7f53c2e5bd3de9912cf1d6c (1)

Of course not everybody is like that. If you’re reading this and you say that you never judge others or yourself, then I’d like to congratulate you for not judging. That’s really rare in our world.

Do you often judge other people? and what do you think about this whole subject? 




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