a life changing quote

As a kid, I’d always say that Alice is my favorite Disney princess. Even though Alice isn’t a princess but I somehow felt that there’s something in common between Alice and me. A couple of years later and just before I turned 18 I decided to watch Alice in Wonderland again. Something this time has caught my attention. Alice and I have one more thing in common. Besides curiosity, Alice was also a thinker and her thoughts led her to many adventures. First it was kinda cool, but the longer she stayed in her own “wonderland”, in her own thoughts, the more complicated it got. “It’s all in your head, Alice” that’s what the Cheshire cat said when Alice couldn’t find her way back home. It was all in her head, she made it up and she could get rid of it whenever she wanted. This got stuck in my head and I thought about it for days. a lot of people, and I’m one of them, have the tendency to over think. To make something out of nothing. To overweight everything. It doesn’t necessarily have to be wrong, because sometimes it means that you’re just careful. carefulness is important, I guess, if you don’t want to get in troubles. However, overdoing it can drive you crazy sometimes. I know because I’ve been through it many times. The other day I thought that I didn’t do well in my math test, I instantly started thinking about getting a bad grade and how this will affect my other grades and if I’ll have to repeat this school year. It was just so tragic that I had a headache and ended up drinking cups of coffee and not being able to study well for the other tests. This is just a simple example of what my mind can come up with, and it was totally not necessary because I passed the test. I had a 6, even though it might not sound good, but it’s perfect for someone like me. Math isn’t really my strong point. but it’s totally not about math, it’s all about me and that mind of mine. I personally know many people who have kinda the same problem, but you know what? it’s all in your head. All those tragedies and disasters are nowhere but in our minds. This might not really help, because I do now over think, but whenever I find myself over thinking I remind myself of what the cat said.

as a reminder, I have set the photo above as my cellphone wallpaper, this way I’ll always remember that it’s only in my head.


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