first post :)

So, this is the very first post on my blog. I know at this point no one will read it, but i feel so happy to write it. I think i should start off by explaining why I’d been wanting to create my very own blog. This might sound silly, but i just want to share my thoughts with people. With “people” I mean people like me, people who think way too much and their thoughts drive them sometimes crazy. People who’ll be happy to find out that they’re not alone, and that they’re a lot of people like them. Another reason that got me thinking seriously of making this blog is Katy Bellotte  from HelloKaty (she’s a youtuber and if you don’t know her then go check her channel: Katy is one of the few people who i know who have the same thoughts as mine. In one of her video’s she talked about the reasons behind making her youtube channel, and she said why would anybody not share their thoughts. 

However, this blog won’t be “single-themed” (i don’t know if this even a word!!). It’s my blog and I’ll just post whatever i want and like 🙂


PS. it’s called “The Diana Diaries” because my name is Diana and i love The Carrie Diaries. I’ve actually read the book and watched the series, don’t you just love Carrie? She’s so pretty. I’m also planning to watch “Sex and the City” soon 🙂



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